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I wouldn't have been able to drop 117 lbs. without a dedicated Coach who was an advocate of natural weight loss. Marjan's kind personality, patience and positive attitudes gave me the energy to go along this bumpy road and became a success story. As a result of my new way of eating, my husband has also dropped 30 lbs and I have learned how to cook better and pack healthier lunch and snacks for my kids. I was always thinking that for weight loss I have to eat diet food or starve myself, but since Let’s Nutrition’s weight loss program is based on real foods at any grocery store, I was enjoying my favorites and still losing naturally. There were weeks when I was not progressing well but having a positive mentor was all I needed to try harder to move on. Aside from adjusting my relationship with food and learning how to incorporate quality nutrients into my diet, I also learned how to think outside of the box and deal with the root of my problems, rather than seeking a short term fix. From morbidly obese in 2015, now I am within the healthy range of BMI and I feel FREE and no longer trapped in my own body!  When I look behind, I am proud of myself and so thankful for My Nutritionist, Marjan and everything she did for me to make me this new person. She is the true meaning of a HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER who cares about your overall health and wellbeing!

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